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Immerso AI Park: India’s first AI park in making

In a significant move, Eros Investments sealed a landmark deal with the Gujarat government on Wednesday,3rd January 2024 marking the inception of the Immerso AI Park in GIFT City. The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) lays the foundation for a pioneering AI venture backed by a substantial investment of Rs 16,000 crore. It is set to open its doors by mid-2025, this ambitious project aims to revolutionize the AI landscape in India.

The Immerso AI Park’s Phase 1, slated for operation by mid-2025, will feature the AI university and the initial phase of the AI cloud. This holistic approach is designed to meet the evolving needs of both public and private sectors.

At the core of the Immerso AI Park lies a strategic commitment to ethical AI principles. Leveraging the world’s largest archive, training data, and tokens, the park seeks to create native models spanning diverse industry verticals. It is envisioned as a collaborative platform catering to academia, startups, and large-scale enterprise technology companies, as per an official statement.

Moreover, Immerso AI Park is set to provide a dedicated zone and opportunities for international startups specializing in deep technology and generative AI. This move is aimed at fostering incubation, research, and training, positioning the park as a global hub for cutting-edge AI innovations.
Eros Investments had launched the IMMERSO project back in September 2022. It is a unique virtual universe inspired by ancient mythology of India . It is an ever expanding universe filled with 14 realms also called as Lokas .  Filled with mystery, wisdom, and advanced technologies where users can play, create their new avatar and what not . The company had also planned to bring IMMERSO’s ‘in-world virtual currency’ called $IMSO. IMMERSO’s users can create avatars to represent themselves, play games, engage in social activities and much more. Furthermore, digital assets within IMMERSO will be tokenized as NFTs that can be created and traded with other users.
Their website can be accessed here.

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